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Cadogan is embarking upon an exciting, multi-million pound programme of initiatives to create an even more elegant, environmentally sustainable and animated luxury shopping experience on Sloane Street.

A strategic review including the highway, street furniture, landscaping and lighting has recently been completed and Cadogan is preparing plans to upgrade these aspects with the finest quality materials and to incorporate unique and sophisticated public art installations.

Retailers will have the opportunity to work in partnership and to play an active part in continuously enhancing and refreshing the Sloane Street offer, enticing new as well as existing visitors to the area to dwell and enjoy the Sloane Street experience.

Cadogan's heritage

Sloane Street represents the best of international luxury, while remaining quintessentially British. It has been under the same family ownership for over 300 years and this long history and singular stewardship has shaped the exceptional nature of the destination today.

Cadogan is committed to investing for the long term success of the area, protecting and improving the assets and the environment for both present and future generations.

All aspects of the building at One Three One Sloane Street will be carefully managed directly by Cadogan.

Sir Hans Sloane
Duke of York Square